As of September 13th, 2021, the Federal Council announced that dance classes can be carried out without Covid certificate obligation if a maximum of 30 people are present who regularly meet in this composition and who are known to the organizer. Therefore please register directly via chat or DM as usual.

1. please continue to wear a mask in the foyer, dressing rooms and restrooms
2. no mask needed during class
3. we have a composition of 29 people for each class and contact tracing still applies
4. airing will continue to be practiced

We are looking forward to dance with you!
For further information just send us an e-mail.

Immersing ourselves into the world of Dancehall and Afro, mixing it with other urban styles and developing our own body language - that is our credo. 

We are Dem-A!-Dis, a professional dance company based in Zurich. 

Three dedicated women - Debbie Zehnder, Livia Furrer and Sara Franceschini – specialized in Dancehall and Afro dance styles. 

The three dancers bring with them many years of experience. Among numerous performances on stage for various national events, the three ladies have been regular teachers of classes and workshops throughout Switzerland for many years. Additionally they have worked with a variety of well-established DJ’s sharing their love of Dancehall-/Afromusic and slowly building a local dance community. 

Dem-A!-Dis love to spread their passion and share their vision of dance.

Join the journey.