Collaboration workshops 
Livia and Debbie 

Since their early teens Livia and Debbie's lives revolved around dance. Whether in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Jamaica or at workshops in Switzerland, they are continuously learning and developing their knowledge of Dancehall, Ragga and Afro. Their passion to teach as well as their love of soulful music has connected them for many years. Both have been teaching at a variety of dance schools and national events. 

Livia and Debbie will take you on an exploration through their collab-workshop. The class will be a mixture between Dancehall and Afro basics spiced up with choreographies and filled with positive vibes and passion. Classes taught by Livia and Debbie are energetic and suitable for all levels. Just join in and enjoy moving together. 

Collaboration workshops 
Sara and Debbie

Both Debbie and Sara have been teaching for many years. You'll find them at national events and various dance schools teaching Ragga and Dancehall throughout Switzerland or being involved in different projects as dancers or choreographers. Through working with a variety of dancers and never missing the chance to learn from other dance professionals, they are always digging deeper into the variety of movement and defining their own body language. 

Debbie and Sara will take you on a journey through Dancehall basics and a Ragga choreography. It is very important for both to create a space where everyone feels welcome and each student can improve within their own level. Good vibes, positive energy and a lot of passion awaits you.

Collaboration workshops 
Sara and Livia

Livia and Sara are constantly broadening their spectrum of dance-skills, by participating in workshops with renowned national/international teachers, mainly in the styles of Dancehall and Afro. They are well-known throughout Switzerland, where they have been teaching regular classes and workshops for many years now. 

The goal of their classes is to ensure that it is always suitable for all levels; challenging for more experienced dancers yet easy to follow for beginners. Livia and Sara like to mix things up in their collab-workshops and offer a variety of Dancehall and Afro basics, as well as choreography. 

They love to share their passion during their classes and help the participants to evolve in their own body-language. As a student you can sense their dedication and feel challenged to explore your own way of moving. You will leave the class filled with happiness and new energy.