Livia Furrer

About me

Livia Furrer realized early on that music is what I am living for. Her mother introduced her to the world of musicals and singing. Fascinated by it, she started practicing Hip-Hop and Jazz during her childhood. After her schooling, she was ready to explore her passion furthermore. Thanks to a variety of workshops in national and international settings, her experiences in dance crews (ASD Impact, RealRiddim) and regular classes,  she expanded her dance horizons until she found her way to Ragga/Dancehall and Afro.

She loves to immerse herself into these dance styles and develop them further. Her center of inspiration is Paris, where she attends various Workshops and events whenever she can. As a member of the professional dance company Dem-A!-Dis she is deeply involved in the Swiss dancehall scene and is always learning new skills. For Livia it is important to continuously grow and share her knowledge and passion with others.

Class description

Dancehall is based on numerous steps, which are built on earthy movements and body isolations. Each step tells a story and reflects a different aspect of the Jamaican culture. Combined with influences from other urban styles choreographies are developing – this is called Ragga in Europe.

Afro in Europe covers the established dance styles such as Afrobeat, Azonto, Afrohouse, Kuduro, Ndombolo, Coupe Decale and many others of the African continent. With their variety and the strong history behind Afro dances, they create the base of many current dance styles. Afro dance is highly expressive and embodies freedom and joy of life.

In her classes, Livia is working with emotions to help her students processing their daily life and creating a space where students can be whoever they want to be. It is important for her that the students know the basics and can build up on them to find their own way of expressing themselves through movement so they can let go and start to feel free within their movements.

Livia wants to create a space where students can forget the world outside and just be present in the moment, celebrating life from an individual and group perspective.

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