Sara Franceschini

About me

Sara Franceschini discovered her great passion for Hip Hop and Dancehall in her early teens. Thanks to her participation in many workshops with national and international teachers/choreographers, she developed a broad spectrum of dance-skills. In the US and the UK, she increased  her knowledge even further. Sara has been teaching since she graduated from the Dance Instructor Academy in 2011. She danced in several crews and was privileged to share her love for dance in a variety of projects and performances, both as a dancer and choreographer.

Her list of clients includes PRIDE Zurich, Ringier/Admeira, Rhythm & Flow Agency in Barcelona and Club Mascotte to name just a few! In 2020 Sara was performing at the Swiss Music Awards for BLIGG and in 2018 at the opening show of Credit Suisse Sports Awards with James Blunt, both directed by Nadine Imboden. Sara has also collaborated with Korie Genius at the famous New York Broadway Dance Center. For over 10 years she is teaching classes and workshops throughout Switzerland.

With Dem-A!-Dis, Sara is passionately dedicated in developing her personal expression through dance and she loves to see the up growth of the Swiss Dancehall scene.

Class description

Dancehall is based on numerous steps, which are built on earthy movements and body isolations. Each step tells a story and reflects a different aspect of the Jamaican culture. Combined with influences from other urban styles choreographies are being developed – this is also called Ragga in Europe.

Sara passionately shares her knowledge with the students and loves to express her emotions through movement. Sara's classes are highly infectious and are all about creating "good chemistry" for the participants in which all levels are welcome.


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